First Festival of the Season

On a Friday evening in June 16th, I drove up to Port Credit and went to the Mississauga Waterfront festival. I had a blast meeting new people and even though it rained off and on the whole night I enjoyed the night. The ran got so bad at one point that we had to leave the festival and ducking into Pump House Grille Co to get some food just to get out of the rain!!

The most unexpected thing was that I was country music night and I have not listened to country music since leaving my old job in Brampton and I didn’t care much for it then. So I was shocked when I discovered that I found a band that I liked and because thy have good music with amazing singers. The band is James Barker Band!! I find their style of country music upbeat and fun but very real and honest. So naturally i was listening to their songs on the drive home. So when I got home I spent most of time looking up their tour days only to find out that they had just finished their tour and they are spending the summer doing festivals.

Next time I will be closer to the stage when I see James Barker Band!!!

In the end I made a tweet about discovering them and loving their music and they liked my comment and many of their fans even commented on tweet and welcomed me to the fan club.

Overall, it was a night where didn’t know what to expect and returned home on a concert high. It has renewed my interest in summer festivals and live music under the night sky. I will try to update more on the other festivals i have been to thus far.